“BRUNCH AFTER DARK” at Brooklyn Bowl on Nov 8!

Thanks to all the bands who have played beautiful unplugged music in my backyard.  And to my friends who have come to the brunches to support me.  More importantly, to my production partners NYCTaper and West Egg Productions who have captured beautiful audio and video footage to create the episodes.

Well now it’s time to celebrate and showcase 5 of the bands who participated in one way or another to BBS by going to my favorite place on earth:  Brooklyn Bowl.  All the info can be found in the below flyer including the event name “Brunch After Dark”, which my friend Gabe came up with.  Hope to see everyone on NOVEMBER 8!

Feel free to RSVP via Facebook.

brunch after dark

About David Chaitt

my name is dave. i write about music, culture, technology, and food.
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