Brunch After Dark = Epic

Eight hours before the show ended (4:00PM), I was a little nervous driving to the venue.  The weather was bad, it was a Monday night, aaaaand Conan was debuting his new talk show.  The cards were against us.  But after a glass of Michter’s bourbon and fried chicken, I loosened up, began to enjoy myself, and got to catch up with all my friends who came, some of which I hadn’t seen in months.  More importantly, the nervousness and anxiety became unwarranted, but let me take a step back.

Going into the show, I put a lot of work promoting the event for everything from press outreach to picking up the phone to bother my friends.  I knew I would be disappointed in myself if didn’t have 300 people there.  I guess all the hard work paid off because we had 537 paid (if I’m reading the confusing venue print out correctly).

Thanks again everyone who came out, to Hannah for the flyer, Will, Justin, and Emma from Brooklyn Bowl, Bill from, Jonas for taping the bands, and finally, Eric, Steve, Dave, and Zach for filming.  Oh yeah…I guess I should thank the bands too:  Fatty Acid, The Courtesy Tier, Oh Land, The Canon Logic, and ARMS.

Sizzle reel coming up this week recapping the whole event.  All audio performances should be up on NYCTaper within the next week or so.  Individual video performances will pop up throughout November and December.

Also, stay tuned because there will be a BAD pt 2 in January.  Bands and date TBD.  Also also, episode 5 with Kelli Scarr should be up next week.

BBS is making moves in 2011…

About David Chaitt

my name is dave. i write about music, culture, technology, and food.
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