Brunch After Dark 2 in ONE WEEK + Ticket Giveaway + 2 New Videos + Set times

Hey everyone.  BAD2 is one week away.  Even though the price is very affordable at $7, I’ve partnered with My Free Concert for a ticket giveaway (plus a free BBS shirt to boot!).  But if you don’t get it, I hope you can still come and buy a ticket (and bring a few friends with you).

Moving on.  I’m proud to announce two new videos.  Some of you may have already seen them through the Facebook page, but you can always watch again.  To help promote the event next week, I had my main man Eric edit individual performance videos from The Loom and Pearl and The Beard’s performance over the summer.  I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to seeing most of you next Wednesday at Brooklyn Bowl.

LASTLY, since a huge complaint of the first BAD was that the set times were too short, this time I cut the bands down to three and pretty much doubled set times.  That being said, the set times are as follows:

Doors 6PM

DJ Alex Mann 7-815PM (and in between sets)

Team B — 8:15-9PM

Pearl and the Beard 9:30-10:15PM

The Loom10:45-11:30PM

About David Chaitt

my name is dave. i write about music, culture, technology, and food.
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