BRUNCH AFTER DARK 2 = Another success (+ Pearl and The Beard video)

After I saw the post about Brunch After Dark 2 in Brooklyn Vegan, I realized I hadn’t blogged about it myself!

Having spent an entire month promoting the event and going up against a trio of obstacles (Social Media Week, Fashion Week, and severely cold weather), I was extremely happy with how things turned out.  The bands were happy, the venue was happy, and more importantly, the attendees were happy.

Team B kicked off the night with some new and old songs.  Kelly Pratt lead the group with calming voice and exploding trumpet playing.  Expect a video from them in the next few weeks!

team b

Their set also featured guest accordianist Perrin Cloutier from Beirut.

team b

Next up, was Pearl and the Beard, who were one of the my favorite performers of the summer.  You can check “A Taste from Episode 7” for their performance of Hot Volcano.  Their set was highlighted by Oh Death! (video below).  People were screaming for an encore, so I cut off DJ Alex Mann and let PANB run through their “Will Smith Medley”, which got the crowd going insane.

Last, but not least, The Loom hit the stage.

The Loom

I must say.  Every time I see them, they get better.  Some might say it’s that that I know their music more, but it’s something else.  They’re more confident.  More energetic.  More determined.  Keep your eye out for these guys (and gals!).

The loom

Stay tuned for more videos and more info on Season 2!!!!!!  In the meantime, check out the videos we have and feel free to share them with a few friends…if you enjoy them that is.

NOTE:  All Photos were taken by Dominick Mastrangelo

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