The Backyard Is Back Open For Business

It practically hasn’t stopped raining since winter, but I’m happy to announce that the backyard is open for business.

One big announcement aside from the first batch of bands is that I will be trying my hardest to incorporate a local food vendor into each episode.  The first of which will be my gals at The Jam Stand, who make some of the most tasty jams around (spicy mango might be my favorite).

And (debatably) more important are confirmed bands, which you can find in the bands section.  I will be unveiling them a few at a time.  However, I’m extremely happy to announce that the first band will be Givers, who my roomie Jeff hipped me last year (note:  they’re on Fallon today and play Bowery on Thursday).  It’s happy music that’s indie at it’s core with electro and afrobeat rhythms.   Below is a video my buddies at The Wild Honey Pie made.

They recently signed with Glassnote Records, so given the labels track record (Phoenix, Mumford and Sons, Temper Trap…), I’m won’t be surprised if Givers are headlining Terminal 5 by end of year.

As usual, keep (re)watching and check out our videos here and listen to the audio here.  Many more to come.

About David Chaitt

my name is dave. i write about music, culture, technology, and food.
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