Get Real Belgian Festival coming up on July 8-9

I love Belgium.  The mussels.  The chocolate.  The waffles.  The beer.  The beer!  Even the constant rain won’t ruin the awesomeness of the food and drink.

I lived there for a semester abroad in college, so I always try to find out all the awesome Belgian events going around town.  Reminds me of my days in Leuven.  Anyways, coming up on July 8 and 9 is the Get Real Belgian Festival.

get real belgian festival

Tickets are $85, which may seem steep, but you get all the food and drink you want and get to try some beers that are rare, hard to find, or you wouldn’t know to try at a bar…101 in total!!!

More importantly, there are also homebrewing seminars.  As a homebrewer myself, I know I can always use some tips.


About David Chaitt

my name is dave. i write about music, culture, technology, and food.
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