It rained for the Belgian Festival

And it wouldn’t be a true Belgian Festival if it hadn’t. In a country where it can rain on one side of the street and sunny on the other, there’s no wonder the country is known for beer, waffles, fries, mussels, and chocolate.


When we finally got into the Altman Building for early entry, me and my trusty photographer sidekick Raki were greeted and given a large booklet listing all the beer and food vendors.  Raki scanned the document with intense focus reading line by line to mark her most desired beers.


There were volunteers on each side of this wall, pouring over 100 beers.


Some notes on some of our favorite beers (note:  that I hadn’t had before):

Barber Belgian1 – Belgian pale ale. Cloudy color. Tasty and hoppy

Ommegang Gnomegang — perfect balance of sweetness malt and alcohol.

Barrier Mare Undarum — bpa. Nose is really hoppy. Taste is creamy and hoppy but not top hoppy.  Very enjoyable.

De struise brouwers oublack — Nice balance of dark chocolate, malts, and sweetness.  Not airy like Guiness nor heavy like German schwarzbier, but somewhere in between.

Brouwerij contreras valeir donker – toffee and malty with a slight sweetness.


Overall, I had a great time drinking, snacking, and chatting up with the reps from Ommegang/Duvel, Brooklyn Brewery, and Victory.  It’s reassuring to know that they make good beer and employ passionate and nice people.

About David Chaitt

my name is dave. i write about music, culture, technology, and food.
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