The Backyard is open to recommendations

I noticed that it started to get nice out, which means I start planning the upcoming summer’s Backyard Brunch Sessions.   Even though I traded in a backyard for a roof, doesn’t mean I’m changing the format or giving up.  Thankfully, I have a few friends with backyards who can step in to help me out and host the event.

As a bonus, I’ll even share a few meals I might make (with my own surprise twist of course):

  • Mishmash:  dish of origin from Montreal – extremely unhealthy scramble of multiple meats, eggs, potatoes, and assorted veggies
  • Breakfast sesame pancakes:  your favorite Chinese sandwiches made for breakfast
  • Biscuits and gravy:  it won’t be the usual biscuit and won’t be a typical gravy

More importantly, I have a few artists in mind that I will contact, but I always value the opinions of people I trust, so please comment below or email me any and all artist recommendations to

Complete side note:  so happy for Givers for getting their song “Up Up Up” on Glee.  I’m not a fan of that show, but if they reap 1/100ooo0th of the benefit that fun. had for “We Are Young” being on the show, they’ll be getting the attention they deserve.

About David Chaitt

my name is dave. i write about music, culture, technology, and food.
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