A taste of what you’ll hear this summer

As I was planning these past few weeks, I tried to dig deep and figure out who would make some cool acts for this summer.  I had a few “reach artists” (like “reach schools” when apply for college, but bands that you want to play your backyard) as well as a fair share of friends and local artists I’ve been into lately. Not only did I want them to be amazing musicians, but I also wanted them to passionate foodies like myself.

So I’m proud to announce a few confirmations so far for this summer.  They’re all drastically different, but all make sense for the stripped down format.  Please let me know what you think…


RUBBELBUCKET:  I was out to lunch yesterday with our rock star photographer Dominick and told him about my love for them.  I described them as a hippie meets hipster version of the Talking Heads but wayyyyy less serious.  Fun note:  I have seen them over 15 times since they opened up for a band I used to book in Philly almost 4 years ago.


LUCIUS:  A few friends told me about them and it wasn’t until tonight doing research that I noticed I actually saw them a few months ago opening for Other Lives.  Their sound is old, but new.  Folky, but soulful.  Quirky, but poppy and upbeat.  BONUS:  they’re playing Googa Mooga at 12pm on Sunday.


JONES STREET STATION:  New York is such a small place where you can a good friend and a co-worker’s boyfriend in the same band.  For me, that’s JSS.  They’re 4 friends (+ a rotating cast of drummers) playing, singing, and having a good time.  It’s enjoyable bluegrassy rock n folk.  Their gem is this unplugged tune that they end each show with.

There’s still more to be announced, but let me know what you think of the the selections so far and feel free to leave additional recommendations in the comments!

About David Chaitt

my name is dave. i write about music, culture, technology, and food.
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