Top 3 Food and Music by Tristan Clopet

My friend Tristan Clopet, who played a session last summer (download his set here), recently moved back to NYC after 4+ years in Miami.  He’s got great tastes in music and food, so I asked him to put together a Top 3 for the best restaurants and concerts he’s partaken in since moving back over a month ago.  You can also check him out at Living Room tomorrow at 10pm for FREE.

Having spent a lot of my youth and my first few years out of high school in NYC, I was very excited to move back this past April.  The Greatest City in the World has so much to offer, but for me, it’s all about the food and your favorite bands playing every day of the week.

I’m obsessed with eating. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning when I have a delicious plate of grub in front of me. I’ve been fortunate enough to eat at some of the best restaurants in the city and in a (very) specific order they are:

3. Bar Toto (Park Slope) -The food is very good, the staff ain’t snooty and it’s pretty well-priced but what I loved about this place was the atmosphere. In the middle of residential Park Slope, it’s got nice outdoor seating, a rustic feel inside with old movies showing on the wall. Very unassuming and modest. Nice night out.

2. Ben Benson’s (Midtown) – A restaurant my dad has taken me to since I was twelve years old. It’s your typical ‘Man’s Steakhouse’ where you get a slab of meat on a white plate with a side of whatever you want and a beer. Nothing fancy but they do it right. A real institution. Sadly, they were forced to close this past father’s day. The rent is TOO DAMN HIGH

1. The Gramercy Tavern (Flatiron) – Really interesting, properly-portioned gourmet dishes presented in a light, airy atmosphere with a massive front window that lets in plenty of light. The ceiling is painted in this sort of French country side decor. Friendly staff.  It’s just great all the way around.

Few things make me happier than eating delicious food. And one of them is seeing inspiring music. Nowhere else in the world do you get so many great bands playing so frequently in one place. And there are so lots of great venues to create the ambiance and enhance the experience. The three best shows that I’ve seen since I’ve been back:

3. St. Vincent (Brooklyn Academy of Music) – A ruckus. She shreds, she sings, she crowd surfs to old punk tunes. I’ve always been a fan of heavy guitar music but I’m not a mosher. This was the perfect blend of finger tips and virtuosity and a bangin-good time.

2. Foster the People (Rumsey Playfield) – Musically, as sharp as can be. They’ve been playing nonstop for over a year and it shows. I’m not a mosher but I am a dancer and it’s great to get lost in their extended electro-inspired jams. Demerit points for Rumsey Playfield generally sucking as a venue (city ordinances force the shows to be too quiet and start/end too early)

1. M. Ward (Webster Hall) – Just incredible. In fact, I devoted a whole blog to it on my website. (measly plug.) I already got my seat for Prospect Park in August. 

Think you ate or saw something better????  Let us know.

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my name is dave. i write about music, culture, technology, and food.
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