Hey there.  My name is Dave.  I am the creator, producer, and host of the Backyard Brunch Sessions.  If you have questions, wanna play my backyard, want my recipes, want to advertise, or just want to know what I’m listening to these days, please contact me at backyardsessions274 [AT] gmail.

The History:  I like music and food a lot.  I don’t play an instrument, but I can cook pretty well.  At my old apartment in Greenpoint, I used to host weekly homemade pizza parties for all my friends.  When I moved to a new apartment in Williamsburg with an incredible backyard, I began having bands perform at these weekly pizza parties.   This then evolved into the Backyard Brunch Sessions when I added my production/audio partners to help me bring this idea to life.  Hope you enjoy the episodes I have so far!

Find us elsewhere on:  FacebookYoutube, SoundCloud, and Twitter

Special thanks:  Eric from West Egg Productions for busting his ass with the filming and editing, Dan/Jonas/Zach aka nyctaper for beautifully capturing all the audio, Hannah for the amazing logo, Jon for the awesome theme music, and to my neighbors for not calling the cops (yet).

1 Response to About/Contact

  1. Bill Syrros says:

    hey dave – I believe we met at sxsw at the James Blake show and then at Antlers. Hope you had a great time at sx. Checking your stuff out on the site. Very cool.

    Cheers from Ottawa, Canada.


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