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Homemade Duck Pastrami [RECIPE]

You read correctly. I made duck pastrami. That salty, spicy, sweet, and fatty delicious smoked meat, but with a twist that’s better than most M. Night Shyamalan movies: DUCK! Wednesday night after work, I went to Hong Kong Market in … Continue reading

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Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse – Redeeming NJ since 2002

I bust on NJ frequently, but the truth is that there are some solid reasons to visit (one less now that BK has the Nets). A few weekends ago, my girlfriend, a college friend, and I went to this farm at … Continue reading

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My GOOGA MOOGA was a huge success

People in NYC are spoiled, but it’s not completely our fault. We as a city have so many options (food, music, movies, museums, outdoor activities, etc) that if things aren’t perfect, we can always move on to something else fairly … Continue reading

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Succotash with duck [RECIPE]

I’m a huge fan of dinner parties more so than going to a loud bar. They’re my means to catch up with friends and meet new people in a comfortable environment. With the knowledge that yesterday I had off for … Continue reading

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